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Alice Everett | therapywithalice

East London based counsellor & psychotherapist working with people experiencing emotional difficulties and those wanting to better understand their thoughts, feelings and experiences.

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We usually think about having therapy when life is feeling difficult, when we're a bit stuck or something has happened and we need some help to understand it and make sense of how we feel. It might be that we've been living with mental health issues for some time and need support to feel we're moving forwards again.

People come to therapy for lots of different reasons, for some it may be anxiety and stress, depression, loss and grief, relationship and family issues, difficulties at work. For others it may be because of a trauma, life changing illness, phobia or obsessions/compulsions. 

Some people might start therapy because they want to make specific changes and think about the future, for others it might be about making sense of the past.

If you're unsure about whether therapy is right for you I'm happy to talk to you and let you know a bit about the process and how it might help.

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I am an Integrative Counsellor & Psychotherapist which means that the way I work with people is influenced by a number of different types of therapy and theory. I chose to work in this way as I believe that we are all individuals with different ways of seeing the world, different ways of thinking about things and processing our feelings. It feels important to work collaboratively and flexibly with people, using skills and techniques that fit the individual.

I am mainly influenced by Humanistic, Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioural and Neuropsychological perspectives about human development and emotion. I am also interested in Mindfulness/Mentalisation and how they help people gain a greater sense of control over their emotions.

It is important to me to be able to offer you a safe, private space to explore your thoughts and feelings. A fundamental part of the way I work is to fully accept people as they are without  judgement,  showing kindness and empathy.

I only speak English but welcome people from all ethnic groups as well as people identifying as LGBTQ+ and gender non-binary and people exploring new ways of relating to themselves and others.


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I offer both face-to-face and online sessions


Face-to-face sessions are based in Haggerston, East London (E8)

Sessions are 50 minutes long and I see people weekly

Fees: £70 per session

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Alice Everett

Before qualifying as a Counsellor & Psychotherapist I worked for many years both within the NHS and the Charity Sector with people facing issues and events that negatively impacted on their mental health and wellbeing. I have worked a lot with people experiencing anxiety, depression, brain injury, loss, relational issues, long-term conditions, phobias, trauma, dementia, obsessions/compulsions and stress.

I have also faced my own challenges in life and have had therapy to work through my thoughts and feelings. This personal experience means I have an understanding about what it is like to seek therapy and to sit with a new therapist and start the therapy process.

My qualifications:

  • PGDip Counselling & Psychotherapy

  • MSc Cognitive Neuropsychology

  • BSc (Hons) Applied Psychology

  • Certificate in Coaching

Registered Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

Registration No. 379068


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